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About products

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What are your main products?
Our company has been engaged in the artificial plants industry for more than 20 years. After continuous efforts and attempts, combined our own advantages and considering the market demands, we have fixed our products range as bellow: Artificial trees, artificial flowers and artificial grass etc.

Our artificial trees main include: artificial palm tree, artificial olive tree, artificial ficus tree, artificial mango tree, artificial bamboo, artificial maple tree, artificial ginkgo tree, artificial bay tree, artificial cypress, artificial lemon tree; and all kinds of artificial flower tree like artificial oleander tree, artificial camellia tree, artificial peach flower tree, artificial wisteria tree, artificial forsythia tree, artificial rose tree, artificial orchid etc., totally hundreds of products with rich rang and excellent quality for customers selection.

Compared with the similar products in the market, what are your advantages?
Firstly, our products are designed and produced using real trunks that with natural grains and texture, which make the product more realistic and lifelike. Besides, we use imported plastic materials that with better toughness and elasticity, not easy to break but easier to shape. In addition, we spent a lot of time and energy on fabric selection and color printing, in that case, our product is really closer to real natural plants.

Whether the product can be exported to overseas?
90% Of our products are exported to countries such as UK, USA, GERMANY, FRANCE etc., and all our products can meet the EU REACH standard.

Is the natural trunk used in the product easy to rot and mold?
The natural trunk used in the product is only used after drying and disinfection. We will control the moisture content of the trunk within a certain ratio, so that it can avoid moldy conditions to a great extent.

Is the product sold with a pot or without pot?
Except for some individual products in our factory, the finished products are all with black plastic round pots. However, our factory can also change the pots according to the requirements of customers, to make the products more beautiful and more competitive.

Can the product be customized according to customer requirements
Yes, for our existing products, we can change the number and color of leaves and flowers according to customer’s requirements. For products that our company does not have, we warmly welcome all customers to inquiry with product drawing, picture or sample.

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