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How to get product quotation?
Please visit our official website, and provide the product number you are interested in, purchase quantity, packaging requirements, etc., and contact our sales department for a quotation. And our sales department contact method is as bellow:
Tel.:+86-755-2855 8448

Can you provide samples?
Yes. If you already selected products that you are interested in, please contact our sales department directly to discuss sample issue. And normally, sample lead-time is around 7 working days.

Is the customized products order acceptable?
We warmly welcome your inquiry for customized products with specific product pictures, parameter, order quantity and other information all you have; and then contact our sales department for discussion.

How long is your lead time?
The lead time is up to order quantity and our factory production arrangement. Normally take 1*40HQ order for example, the lead time is around 60-90 days after receipt of deposit. However, the actual delivery date is subject to the confirmed Sales Contract.

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